1. Student Baseline Survey (SBS)

The objective of the student baseline survey is to obtain basic information of all the student beneficiaries. The student information collected in this survey will be used to sample households for baseline and impact surveys.

It is the only form where the lamp code is linked to the student name. Hence, this information will be used for cross-checking whether the lamp has been received through the right channel and to the right candidate. Tracking the lamp for repair and maintenance will be done using the lamp code.

Student Baseline Survey: English | Hindi | Marathi

2. Distribution Information Sheet (DIS)

The Distribution Information Sheet is a common receipt given to the school. There are three copies of the DIS – one copy for the school, one for the Institutional Partner (IP) and one copy for IIT Bombay. The DIS has information about the name of the student, the lamp code, the class in which the student is studying, village, school, his signature, the signature of the headmaster of the school, the seal of the school and the school code number.

Distribution Information Sheet (DIS)
Baseline & DIS Combination: Hindi

3. Household Impact Survey (HIS)

Given the magnitude of the project, reaching out to one million student beneficiaries in four states (Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan), it is significant to monitor and evaluate the success of localization model, the possibility of replication, the potential for solar technology in India and to assess the nature and magnitude of impact of SoUL.

Control Sample: English | Hindi | Marathi |
Treatment Sample: English | Hindi | Marathi |