The '1 million SoUL' project is coordinated by IIT Bombay. Assembly-cum-Distribution centers are established at the block level at the NGO premises. Locals from the block are hired and trained as assemblers and distributors. They are taught about how to assemble the solar lamp, effectively use solar lamps, campaigning methods and procedures to distribute the lamps the target beneficiaries (school students).

In terms of operations, the components (kits) of solar lamps are sourced from suppliers and supplied directly to the assembly centers. At the centers, the components are assembled into Solar Urja Lamps (SoUL). Quality is assured by rigorous testing both before and after assembly. The SoULs are then sold at the subsidized prices to students through their schools, with the goals to saturate the block and sell one lamp per school child. At the time of distribution, the basic information about each beneficiary is recorded.

Further, repair and maintenance centers will be set up in the blocks to ensure longer term sustainability of this initiative. This service facility is provided for free for students until December 2015.

Also, concurrent evaluation will be carried out to assess the impact on various fronts.

Expense Model

The expense incurred (per SoUL) is illustrated: